Easy Way - Bill Pay

Paying bills online is fast, easy and convenient.

  • Set up your payee info.
  • Set the amount you want to pay.
  • Select the day you want the payment made. That's it!
See how easy it is. Demo.

Here are even more reasons to pay your bills online:

You set the payment amount and date: Unlike auto debit where funds are automatically pulled from your account, you determine how much you want to pay and when.

You can pay all of your bills from one place: You no longer have to go to other biller sites to pay your bills online. This saves you the hassle of having to remember all those passwords.

You can change or cancel a payment if you have to: Unlike other online payment options, you can modify a payment between the time you schedule it and when it is processed.

You safeguard your credit score: You can set up email reminders of when your bills are due and can schedule automatic payments for things like your car/home payment in advance.

You can help protect your identity: Almost 85% of identity theft cases are due to lost checkbooks, payments and paper statements along with stolen bills and payments.1

Log in to your account and start paying bills online today!

1 Federal trade Commission 2003 Identity Theft Survey report. www.ftc.gov/os/2003/09/synovatereport.pdf


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of paying bills at my financial institution's website, as opposed to one of my biller's websites?
You can pay all your bills in one place, you only have to remember one username and password and you can control your finances by viewing your balance and paying your bills from the same website.

How long does it take to set up a payee online at my financial institution's website?
It only takes minutes to log in and set up a new payee. You only have to enter payee information once. After a payee is set up, it is fast and easy to make future payments online in just a few clicks.

Is paying my bills online on my financial institution's website more or less secure than using my cell phone provider's web site to pay my cell phone bill?
Paying your bills online on your financial institution's website is more secure because when submitting a payment online directly to a biller you are typically required to provide your financial account information to authorize a debit from your account.

What if the funds are not available in my account when I set up a payment online?
You can log in to your financial institution's website to easily transfer funds from your savings to your checking account to cover payments or schedule the payment when you know you will have the funds available in your checking account. Transfer limitations may apply.

How does paying bills online help protect the environment?  
In one year, by switching from paper to electronic billing, statements and payments, the average American household would save 6.6 pounds of paper. Plus, if 20% of U.S. households switched to electronic bills, statements and payments, over 1.8 million trees would be saved each year.2

2 See www.payitgreen.org for estimate of how paying bills online can save money and resources.